Team Building Venue

Team Building

–         Serene environment

–         Adrenalin driven activities

–         Teambuilding activities that will boost teamwork and team performance

–         A good plate of food (or two)

–         Bar with affordable prices

–         Party till late

Do you want to motivate your team? Do you want to inspire your team? Do you want to do even better than they already are? Then you need a teambuilding-event.

Through the right teambuilding event, your team will get to know each other better, it will boost teamwork and team performance, it will teach the team skills to solve problems, it will improve productivity and inspire creativity as well as communication between team members but most of all your team will be motivated through a day of fun.

To get the optimum results from a team build, you need a place where employees can relax, have fun and get to know each other.

The perfect place for this, is Getaway Coaches. Getaway Coaches is on a farm approximately 4km from Rayton. It is an half an hour’s drive from Pretoria and about 45 minutes away from Witbank. Even Johannesburg is just around the corner.

At Getaway Coaches, we can accommodate small, medium and large groups. Our premises with our big lawns are big enough that we can accommodate more than 100 people. We also have enough beds for just over 50 people to sleep.

When you book for a team build, you book the whole venue so for the time your team build takes place, the place is yours. We will put together a program of activities whereby employees will learn to work together. The activities can also introduce a problem that team members have to solve together. But most of all, the activities are fun. Our activities include horse riding through the mountain, quad biking on an adventurous trail and a cattle drive.

Except for the activities we can also prepare your lunch or dinner. You can decide from a range of menus. You can also relax at our cash bar that has a wide variety of beverages. When all is done, the best way to end a team build is around a fire.

Bring your colleagues and come and get to know one another with activities, a nice meal and a lekker kuier. You will leave Getaway Coaches with motivated, productive and enthusiastic employees.